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This oil is the first herbal oil extracted from horse tail and is considered the strongest hair growth oil in the world
Studies and research have proven the power of horse tail in lengthening hair within one month.
It also softens, moisturizes, treats frizz and split ends, as it also restores damaged hair.
And for the better and faster results, it is necessary to use natural shampoo along with the horse tail oil. We have it available at Nunnya secret. The horse tail oil set including shampoo, conditioner and hair mask is suitable for treating weak and frizzy hair, it also softens it very much. The horse tail oil hair mask is perfect in restoring the hair from the roots. Also the conditioner works on softening the hair, also the whole set helps in lengthening the hair and is 100% natural.

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  1. Gehad Mohammed

    انا جربت زيت ديل الحصان وفعلا رهيب بيطول الشعر جدا وكمان الشامبو حلو جدا

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